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Mariela Garriga is an actress, model, screenwriter, and producer, whose artistic journey led her from her native humble Cuba, to working in Hollywood alongside icons like Tom Cruise.

Mariela is currently shooting the latest two installments of the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE saga -DEAD RECKONING I and II, under the direction of Christopher McQuarrie.

Mariela was born and raised in La Habana, where she dreamt of becoming an archaeologist - but life pushed her toward a different path. She began to work when she was 13, starring in several tv commercials and music videos. Shortly after, she was offered to work as a professional dancer at the Cuban Television Ballet. They gave her 6 months to demonstrate her work ethic, talent, and worth to join that dance company. Not only did she pass the test, but she juggled her dancing career with her high school studies.

In 2009, Mariela was scouted by a modeling agent, and soon after was working as a model in Milan. It was there, at the Michael Rodgers Acting Studio in Milan, that Mariela finally (and fully) immersed herself in an artform she had always been curious about.

Her acting studies then took her to New York where she trained at the Terry Schreiber Studio and The Actors Studio. Since then, she’s been a professionally working actress, juggling roles between Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the United States, where she currently resides.

Mariela will soon be seen in Paramount+’s series-biopic BOSÉ, where she plays the main character’s love interest, Giannina Facio. In addition to Mariela’s extensive work in LatAm and Europe, her US-work includes recurring roles in emblematic TV series such as NCIS: LA, LAW & ORDER SUV, and NCIS; and co-lead roles in features such as NIGHTMARE CINEMA and BLOODLINE, opposite Sean William Scott. In 2019, she starred in the short film SOMBRA CITY, which earned her the Best Actress Award at the Queen Palm International Film Festival.

Last year, Mariela wrote and produced E.L.I Project, a short-documentary made to raise awareness against environmental crimes and endangered animals. She also founded her own production company, FACTUM FILMS, and already has a thorough slate of projects, some of which have been written by herself. Her mission with Factum is to produce stories that create bridges and transcend cultures and borders.

Mariela has been featured in many top magazines, including ROLLING STONE and VANITY FAIR magazines