• Height5'8"
  • Bust32"
  • Waist25"
  • Hips36"
  • Dress2 us
  • Shoe7.5 us
  • HairBlack
  • EyesBrown
  • Back
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  • Digitals
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Amal Dalmar is a creative producer, model, human rights advocate and documentarian based in Southern California. She has expertise working in social justice spaces and conducts social justice brand consultation and documentary services. Amal has recently produced and hosted the well-received documentary series “Dinner, InshAllah?” on USHUB TV, which  explores the stories of Muslim American communities through their relationship to halal food and restaurants. Each episode follows visits to various local restaurants, businesses, and ethnic enclaves. Perviously,  Amal has worked as a creative producer at digital powerhouse Buzzfeed, where she gained experience in unscripted development and on sets, including lighting, set design , sound and editing. Amal has also received her law degree from University of California, Hastings and her Masters in Human Rights Law from University of London, SOAS. Amal is currently developing a global digital storytelling initiative that will give a platform to storytellers from underrepresented backgrounds from around the world to promote digital visibility and to tell a story that is important to them and that calls attention to a positive aspect or a problem in their community ,to then connect them with human rights organizations to remedy or call attention to those issues. The initiative will also aim to hold storytelling workshops around the world to give disenfranchised communities better tools to tell important stories