• Height5'10"
  • Bust32"
  • Waist25"
  • Hips35"
  • Dress2 us
  • Shoe9.5 us
  • HairRed
  • EyesBlue
  • Back
  • |
  • Digitals
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Scouted at 14 by a Vogue editor in Silicon Valley, Sarah Gullixson's modeling journey began. At 16, she gained international recognition representing the US in the Atlas of Beauty project. With striking red hair and blue eyes – the rarest combination worldwide – she has thrived in beauty modeling. Sarah has graced prestigious runways from New York and Paris to Milan and LA Fashion Week. 

Notably, her first major magazine feature was in Vogue Italia's September issue. She has also appeared in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and more. Sarah's makeup modeling spans Maybelline, CoverGirl, and Fenty, where she set a Maybelline record with her efficiency. 

Emporio Armani holds a special place in Sarah's modeling journey. She delighted in shooting a sunglasses campaign for the brand and continues to collaborate with them on TikTok, even co-creating UGA shoot commercials. On TikTok, her energetic, avant-garde posing garnered over 100 million cumulative views and 700,000 followers. 

Spot her in LA at Pilates or crafting her signature healthy smoothies.